Kaddish for Ofra Haza


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  • 19 November 1957 - 23 February 2000rn25 Cheshvan 5718 - 18 Adar I 5760rnrn"Ofra: "The song was inspired by the prayer of the Jewish people, which takes us back thousands of years. The main idea the prayer raises is that acceptance of all the Creator does is beneficial for the soul. Kaddish is a prayer said [by the mourners] upon a person's death.rn rnFor all victims of the Holocaust - kaddish.rnFor all victims of war - kaddish.rn rnA small prayer which carries within it all the sorrows of the world, on angels' wings. The writing of the song is in English and also in a very ancient language - Aramaic."rnrnan unique interpretation of Kaddish, sung live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1990, a song from "Desert Wind", written by Ofra Haza & Bezalel Aloni.

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